South Hero, VT
Wiemann Lamphere Architects
Completed: Fall 2014

This high efficiency custom home was built for a local architect in beautiful South Hero.  All of the exterior walls are double-framed to eliminate thermal bridging between exterior and interior construction. The entire house sports 2 inches of continuous insulation around the exterior and  8 inches of blown-in cellulose in the walls.  All of the windows are triple-paned low-e glass, and designed to maximize solar gain.  The house has both solar hot water panels and photovoltaic panels on the roof.  Heating is handled by a high efficiency wood pellet boiler and cooling is by a geothermal heat pump.  A heat recovery unit provides fresh air throughout the house, without exhausting the treated warmed air.  At the completion of construction the house received its Energy Star certification.  Through its first year of use, the heating and cooling costs of this house were under $500.

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