Richford, VT
John Doane, Architect
Budget: $1.9 Million
Completed: March 2003

At the heart of the Richford Renaissance Project was the need for new senior housing and the upgrade of several deteriorated properties.

The Janes Block, a prominent historical building, was rebuilt from bottom to top with four new affordable apartments as its centerpiece. Crumbling foundations, failing brick facades, leaking roofs, and dangerous entrances were replaced while maintaining the building’s historical integrity. All the apartments and future commercial space received complete upgrades.

Academy Lane was Richford’s long abandoned first schoolhouse. The schoolrooms were renovated into seven lovely new apartments. A new addition with an elevator, a handicap-accessible entrance porch, specialized kitchens and bathrooms compliment the renovation. The apartments help fulfill the need for affordable senior housing in Richford, while historic detail and ambiance of the school building were maintained.