Burlington, VT
Scott + Partners, Architects

Renovations transformed this 1918 warehouse into design studios, meeting facilities, rental space and an art gallery. The initial project included structural upgrades, new elevator, windows, roof, and interior fit up. All the mechanical and electrical services were replaced as well. The entire project was completed in three months.

Exposed structural beams, refurbished maple floors, reused historical trim and windows and exposed spiral ductwork maintain the “industrial” feel of the building. 47 Maple now houses a full photo studio, gymnasium, skateboard facility, and several commercial tenants.

In 2002, JDK needed additional meeting space, and the only place to go was up. Using an abandoned elevator shaft at the core of the building, Stewart Construction filled in the shaft at the lower levels to create space for new offices. A landing connects JDK’s third floor offices to the roof via an elegant stairway. The new rooftop conference room combines an innovative use of space and an appreciation of the stunning views across Lake Champlain.