Colchester Town Hall

Colchester, VT
Arnold & Scangas Architects
Budget: $3.1 Million
Completed: November 2008

Stewart Construction recently completed the new Colchester Municipal Building. The first and second floors of the building contain most of Colchester’s town functions including the offices of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Planning and Zoning, Town Clerk/Treasurer, Town Manager, and Community Development. The third floor was designed for over 5,000 sf of future office space and is currently used for storage. The building contains two concrete records storage vaults, conference rooms, and an electronic security system.

The new Colchester Municipal Building is a wood frame structure on a steel support sub-structure. The building has energy efficient systems, products and equipment throughout, as well as advanced insulation techniques and products. The exterior framed walls are 7¼” thick filled with spray applied cellulose insulation creating a superior R-28 rating. By focusing on energy efficiency and flexible building design, Stewart Construction and the Town of Colchester are building together for future generations.